Tips to quit smoking

‘smokingis injurious to health’

This is one of the well known fact each of us,but still how we addicted smoking we have to think.Just remember how it was introduced to you and how you became addicted of smoking.It is funny know 😀 without knowing us this habit became part of our life and now we are in a situation not able to live without smoke in a day.

Let’s talk about,what we can do our self to quit this habit.I know by saying it is a simple thing but when strat to implement we will come to k ow the actual pain.

First of all why should I quit smoking?

If you answer above question the answer is within you,do I really quit this pleasure, beyond this pleasure is any bitter is there?

I know you started thinking on the same,if not think now.

1.If you really think about your family and fullfil their needs and happiness,you can sacrify this temporary pleasure.

2.If you are a bachelor and think about your health and want to live longer life and achieve your goals in your life at least you can think to quit to avoid this habit and slowly it will go off.

3.I know in your life you half many followers at least a dozen,if you want to give good life style then obviously your self quit this habit and not encourage them as well.

4.As we know the dangerous decease occur by smoking and your family,friends,your kids,your girl friend,boy friend and entire nation depends on you ,is this smoking is bigger than all these.

Still up to you whether you want quit this dangerous habit and lead a happy life or go with same and lead a painful life.Think twice and take your decision towards good.

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